Windows XP Starter Edition X86 (32-bit) Free Download Disc Image ISO Files

Windows XP Starter Edition X86 (32-bit) Free Download Disc Image ISO Files

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OS Name - Windows XP, Microsoft Windows

OS Family - Windows

Developer - Microsoft

Platform    - Desktop

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The Windows XP Starter Edition is a kind of lite version of the Home Edition, which was released in 2004. It was specially designed for low-end computers in developing countries becuase more people prefer low-end computer systems in those countries. Many features of the regular Home and Professional Edition are not available in the Starter Edition, even if there are many limitations such as 3 apps can run at one time, the maximum screen resolution is 1024 × 768, etc.

The Windows XP Starter Edition is not free but it's cheap, the product key is not required to complete the installation, you can activate Windows later.

General information from Windows XP

Windows XP has a lot of updates in the user interface (compared to Windows ME and 2000), making it easier to use and navigate through files and programs. The appearance of windows shell elements such as desktops, taskbar, start menu, get a better design with transparent icons and shadow drops. The Start menu gets two columns, and now it is completely customizable by the user. Windows Explorer also gets new features and changes, like task pane (useful file actions shown in the left hand sidebar), file thumbnails, sorting, grouping etc.

Windows XP includes performance improvements such as fast boot / logon / logoff, fast application launch, CPU simultaneous multithreading, new NTFS version NTFS v3.1 and so on.

Microsoft's developed multimedia applications have been updated and added more to the operating system, such as a new version of Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Viewer, and Movie Maker.

Three service packs have been issued for Windows XP, the first Service Pack 1 (SP1) was released in 2002, Service Pack 2 (SP2) was released on 2004, and Service Pack 3 (SP3) was released on 2008.

Specification (Starter Edition)

Available in Multiple languages
CPU Platform(s) IA-32
License Commercial


Installation Instructions

Similar to Windows XP Home and Pro.


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