Developer - Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd.

Platform    - Desktop

OS Family - Linux

Deepin is an free and open source Linux operating system based on Debian (stable branch). It provides a beautiful, user-friendly, safe and stable experience, with beautiful design that you can use it for work, personal use or entertainment. The graphical environment used in Deepin is its own, known as Deepin Desktop Environment (or DDE), which is built on Qt and is available for various other Linux distros such as Manjaro, Arch or Fedora. Deepin has its own window manager known as 'dde-kwin', and a wide range of apps developed by Deepin's development team such as Deepin Installer, File Manager, System Monitor, Package Manager, Deepin Clone, Deepin Store, Screen Recorder, Voice Recorder, Deepin Screenshot, Deepin Terminal, Image Viewer, Deepin Movie, Music, Calendar, Deepin Editor, and more.

Features of Deepin

Some of the notable features of Deepin are:

  • All Linux features.
  • Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE).
  • 25+ deepin original apps like deepin installer, deepin file manager, deepin boot maker, deepin clone, deepin store, deepin screen recorder, deepin voice recorder, deepin image viewer, etc.
  • Deepin App Store.
  • Based on the Debian stable branch.
  • Useful applications are pre-installed, such as WPS Office (office software), Thunderbird (email client), Chrome (web browser).
  • Multilingual.

Deepin Facts

  • Deepin was formerly known as 'Hiweed Linux'.
  • Deepin is based on Debian.
  • Deepin has its own desktop environment, called 'Deepin Desktop Environment or DDE', which is based on Qt.
  • Deepin provides many applications created by its own development team.
  • In 2019, Huawei started shipping pre-installed Linux laptops with Deepin.

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