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OS Family - Linux

Debian is a free and open source Linux operating system designed primarily for desktop / laptop computers and servers. This is one of the first (or oldest) distributions in Linux's history, and the first version was released in 1993. Debian has over 51,000 software packages (pre-compiled packages) which can be easily installed on the system using commands, or any graphical software. The default installation of Debian on desktop computers comes with many graphical applications (most of them are free and open source) such as Firefox Web Browser, LibreOffice, VLC Media Player, GIMP Image Editor, and Evense Document Viewer. Overall, Debian is made up of basic software programs and utilities.

In the case of popularity, Debian is called the most popular Linux distribution, because it is running as a codebase on many other popular Linux distributions (known as Debian derivatives), such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kali Linux etc., the reason why most Linux operating systems consider Debian because to its software stability, code quality, wide hardware support, best packaging system and good security.

Currently there are three different releases (or branches) of Debian developed and maintained by the team known as stable, testing, and unstable. Recommended and production release of the operating system is 'stable', which gets support for 3 years in each release, while the stable LTS release gets 2 more years of additional support, the combined gets 5 years' support.

Notable features of Debian

Some of the remarkable features of Debian are:

  • All Linux features.
  • Choose between different desktop environments like Xfce, GNOME, and KDE.
  • It was bundled with all basic applications like web browsers, office software, document viewer, media player etc.
  • Wide hardware support.
  • Support other kernels instead of Linux.
  • Live Disc.
  • Multilingual.
  • Free support.

Debian Facts

  • There are more than 135 Linux distributions based on Debian.
  • The name 'Debian' is derived from the name of its creator 'Ian Murdock', and his girlfriend name 'Debra Lynn'.

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