Windows 8 Debug Checked Build ISO X86 (32-Bit) and X64 (64-Bit) Free Download

Windows 8 Debug Checked Build ISO X86 (32-Bit) and X64 (64-Bit) Free Download

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OS Name - Windows 8, Microsoft Windows

OS Family - Windows

Developer - Microsoft

Platform    - Desktop

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The Windows 8 debug checked build makes it easy to identify and diagnose issues with the operating system. Unlike the Windows 7 Debug Checked Build, all versions of Windows 8 will not be included in one ISO file, different builds of different versions are available in the download menu.

General information (for all editions)

Windows 8 (the successor to Windows 7) was released to the public on October 26, 2012, with a new redesigned user interface that makes it easy to use Windows on tablets and touchscreen devices. The new interface for the operating system was based on Microsoft's 'Metro' design language, which was later continued unchanged in Windows 8.1 and 10. In Windows 8, the Start button was removed from the taskbar, and a new charms bar was added to the right side of the screen. A new start screen was added by changing the Start menu, which includes a list of app tiles with live update option. Microsoft has introduced universal Windows platform apps that are built on the new Windows Runtime (WinRT) library. Universal Windows apps are available in the new Microsoft Store, the Store is pre-installed in the OS. By default, many UWP applications are pre-installed with Windows 8 such as Mail, Messaging, Calendar, Music, Video, Weather, PC settings, and People. All Windows 8 editions are capable of using multilingual user-interface.

Windows 8 includes many changes and new features, see below:

Windows 8 changes / updates (compared to Windows 7): Metro design UI, Windows Explorer renamed to File Explorer, File History, Task Manager redesigned with new features, PIN and picture password for users,  search get better, new Windows Notification types, touch optimized on-screen keyboard, Internet Explorer 10, updated version of Windows Defender, and many more improvements in networking, performance and hardware support.

New features added in Windows 8 (compared to Windows 7): Universal Windows apps, new lock screen, Windows To Go, Start Screen with live tiles, Secure boot, USB 3.0 full suport, Windows refresh / reset option, Microsoft account integration for login and sync, SmartScreen, Storage Spaces, etc.

Windows 8 usually has three different editions, which are Windows 8 (Core), Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise. 32 and 64-bit versions are avaialble of all editions.

Specification (All editions)

Available in 100+ languages
CPU Platform(s) IA-32, X86-64
License Commercial

System requirements

Minimum for all editions:

  • 1GHz CPU or higher.
  • 2GB RAM (64-bit), 1GB (32-bit).
  • 20GB disk space.

Installation instructions

Similar to Windows 8.


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