Developer - Neverware

Platform    - Desktop

OS Family - Linux, Chromium OS

CloudReady is a Chromium OS based operating system as a service for consumers, educational institutions and enterprises. CloudReady OS can be installed on PC and Mac with the support of older hardware, makes your computer a secure, easy to manage and never slow down device. All the power of the web without the weight or risk of traditional operating systems. People who like Chrome OS but do not have a Chromebook device can install CloudReady Home Edition on their PC for free and experience the Chrome OS ecosystem.

The operating system based on Chromium OS runs faster, as it mainly handles web applications and the Google Chrome browser.


  • Runs very fast.
  • Focuses on web applications.
  • Media Player.
  • File manager.
  • Window manager.
  • Very safe.
  • Support older hardware.


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