Chromium OS

Chromium OS

Developer - Google

Platform    - Desktop

Chromium OS is an open source operating system project by Google, which uses the Chromium (web browser engine) as its user interface, and is designed to run web apps. The OS is based on the Linux kernel, and instead of distributing it directly to the consumers, compile is required through the source code. Chromium OS is a type of family of operating systems, currently there are some operating systems that are based on Chromium OS such as Chrome OS and Neverware's CloudReady. There is a slight difference between the Chromium OS and Chrome OS, let me explain it, the Chromium OS is an operating system source code that allows anyone to complie the code to create a fast, simple operating system, While Chrome OS is a complete operating system that comes pre-installed with Chromebook devices.

Operating systems based on Chromium OS are run faster, because it primarily handles web applications and Google Chrome browser.

Features of Chrome OS

Some of the notable features of Chrome OS are:

  • Runs very fast
  • Focuses on web apps
  • Media Player
  • File manager
  • Runs android apps
  • Window manager
  • Very safe

Available in Chromium OS Family