Developer - Community

Platform    - Desktop

OS Family - Linux

Kubuntu is an Ubuntu-based Linux operating system currently developed and maintained by the community. It uses the same built-in system as Ubuntu, with each package in Kubuntu sharing the same repository as Ubuntu, and it is released regularly similar to Ubuntu. The main difference between them is Kubuntu uses KDE software, while Ubuntu uses GNOME, which is why 'K' in Kubuntu means KDE. Among the flavours of Ubuntu, Kubuntu is an official and most popular flavour used by millions of users worldwide. Kubuntu mission is to provide the latest stable KDE software, including the flagship Project Plasma on top of a stable Ubuntu core.

In terms of features, Kubuntu has everything you need to work or entertain on your PC, including productivity pre-installed apps (Google Calendar, to-do list), Office (LibreOffice), email clients (Kmail), web browser (Firefox), graphics, photography, video (VLC), and music (Cantata).

Features of Kubuntu

Some of the notable features of Kubuntu are:

  • All Linux features.
  • KDE Plasma Desktop Environment.
  • KDE Software.
  • Useful apps are pre-installed, such as LibreOffice (Office software), Kmail (email client), Firefox (web browser), VLC (media player).
  • Fast and beautiful.
  • Live session.
  • Multilingual.
  • Free and open source.

Kubuntu Facts

  • Kubuntu has millions of users worldwide.
  • Kubuntu is based on Ubuntu.
  • In Kubuntu, 'K' means KDE, overall it means Ubuntu with KDE.

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